What are Secondary Conditions?

Have you ever had that engine light suddenly illuminate in your car? Is that light the actual problem, or is the light just an indication that there is an underlying issue with the car? Obviously, that light functions to let us know that there is a problem with the car. In this case, the engine light in the car is a "symptom" due to the underlying condition. Like your car, our bodies also have these warning lights, or "symptoms" that tell us that there is an underlying condition, something more serious, in our bodies. In structural chiropractic, we call these symptoms, "Secondary Conditions", because that is exactly what they are. They are secondary to an underlying condition which is resulting in these secondary conditions. This underlying condition, a Spinal Shift, can result in many secondary conditions, some of which include:

- Neck and Back Pain
- Sciatica and Hip Pain
- Numbness and Tingling
- Muscular Spasm/Tension
- Headaches/Migraines
- Pinched Nerve
- Herniated Disc
- Canal Stenosis
- Shoulder Pain
- Degenerative Disc Disease
- Degenerative Joint Disease
- Less Range of Motion
- Poor Posture
- Muscular Imbalance
- Dizziness or Vertigo
- Carpal Tunnel
- Ear Infections
- Colic
- Fatigue
- Insomnia
Stages of Spinal Degeneration